bINK’d® Frequently Asked Questions

Apply bINK'dplay hard words on knuckles

How long do bINK’d temporary tattoo earrings last?

Our high grade, USA made vegetable based temporary tattoo earrings can last up to 7 days. Multiple bINK’d® earrings are provided so that you may replace the image as needed. (Also, use on dolls, toy cars, nails, face, etc.) For extended wear minimal touching of the image is suggested. When using on nails a clear top coat will prevent the image from wear. WE promise you will have a good experience with bINK’d ® as you will always have enough images per our packaging to achieve a pair of earrings and more… don’t be fooled by any others!  (Unfortunately, bINK’d® does not work with water based nail polishes like our beloved Piggy Paint® colors, however, if you apply a regular polish clear coat on top of the water based, kid polish, and let that dry you could get bINK’d® to adhere to that.)           It is Waterproof!                                                                                                                                                                                               goldfish on ear websize


bINK’d® ARE the ONLY perforated, mirrored image USA made water transfer decals (temporary tattoos) made so easy you could help your kids! Yes, you read that right. Kids typically know how easy it is to apply temporary tattoos- bINK’d® are made to empower the user by making it error proof. Multiple images of the SAME image allow the user to achieve the perfect look without any frustration.   bINK’d® apply with water in 30 seconds or less.  Make sure to apply to dry surface.  Tear along the perforation (NO SCISSORS NEEDED!) Remove plastic overlay. Place face down onto desired ear surface, using the mirrored image paper backing for perfect positioning. Press our heavily dampened sponge tip water filled applicator, or the jar’s cotton ball against backing. Wait for paper to fall away, apply more water on top to seal in or clear top coat on nails to lock in. bINK’d ® does not work with water based, kid nail polishes.  Let dry before touching. Store unused bINK’d® in our signature jars for safe, dry keeping. DO NOT PUT THE WET COTTON BALL IN THE JAR! Enjoy!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Apply bINK'dplay hard words on knuckles


Ready for a change? Have a Tea Party after the soccer game? bINK’d® come off anytime with our handy alcohol wipes.  (Our microfiber cloths work well as a natural removal just add a little soap or lemon juice!) You may also use a small piece of tape lightly placed over design and slowly peeled away.                                                                                                                                                                                         removal websizeprep removal kit

Kid Safe? (Parent’s CAN encourage!)

We use only USA FDA approved vegetable based inks*.  Never henna or PPD! NEVER IMPORTED!

biNK’d is USA made and our tattoos are gluten free*, wheat free and latex free. Please know there ARE minuscule traces of soy in the form of *Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil.

Our temporary tattoos are made from non-toxic cosmetic ingredients and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified colors and have not been Imported. The adhesive has passed dermatological testing and contains no wheat or latex ingredients.

 back of polybag

However, if you/your child have sensitive skin do not use.

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Does the FDA Approve Any Temporary Tattoos?

No. The FDA does not “approve” any temporary tattoos. The FDA approves the color additives used in making temporary tattoo products. ONLY purchase temporary tattoos from a reputable manufacturer like biNK’d® that uses FDA approved color additives and has met or exceeded the safety testing requirements required for retail distribution, small batch printing from an individual seller on a niche site typically would not have FDA approved color additives.

Organic Perfumes:

  • Spill-proof and mess-free roll-on application
  • 100% Natural
  • Toxin and Alcohol free
  • ALL Organic oil based- won’t dry or irritate skin

Lip Balms:

Coconut Oil*, Castor Oil*, Beeswax*, Vitamin E, Vanilla Absolute*, Essential Oils of Tangerine and Wild Orange*.

* Indicates organic ingredients for more info check out

Hair Gels:

Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gels are water soluble, easy to apply and exceptionally friendly to noncommittal types. Color goes on in minutes,
and washes out with one shampoo. For use in very Dark Hair purchasing a white or layering with a lighter color first may enhance color.  For more info check out