bINK’d® ARE the ONLY perforated, mirrored image USA made water transfer decals (temporary tattoos) made so easy you could help your kids! Yes, you read that right. Kids typically know how easy it is to apply temporary tattoos- bINK’d® are made to empower the user by making it error proof. Multiple images of the SAME image allow the user to achieve the perfect look without any frustration.   bINK’d® apply with water in 30 seconds or less.  Make sure to apply to dry surface.  Tear along the perforation (NO SCISSORS NEEDED!) Remove plastic overlay. Place face down onto desired ear surface, using the mirrored image paper backing for perfect positioning. Press our heavily dampened sponge tip water filled applicator, or the jar’s cotton ball against backing. Wait for paper to fall away, apply more water on top to seal in or clear top coat on nails to lock in. bINK’d ® does not work with water based, kid nail polishes.  Let dry before touching. Store unused bINK’d® in our signature jars for safe, dry keeping. DO NOT PUT THE WET COTTON BALL IN THE JAR! Enjoy!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Apply bINK'dplay hard words on knuckles