How long do bINK’d temporary tattoo earrings last?

Our high grade, USA made vegetable based temporary tattoo earrings can last up to 7 days. Multiple bINK’d® earrings are provided so that you may replace the image as needed. (Also, use on dolls, toy cars, nails, face, etc.) For extended wear minimal touching of the image is suggested. When using on nails a clear top coat will prevent the image from wear. WE promise you will have a good experience with bINK’d ® as you will always have enough images per our packaging to achieve a pair of earrings and more… don’t be fooled by any others!  (Unfortunately, bINK’d® does not work with water based nail polishes like our beloved Piggy Paint® colors, however, if you apply a regular polish clear coat on top of the water based, kid polish, and let that dry you could get bINK’d® to adhere to that.)           It is Waterproof!                                                                                                                                                                                               goldfish on ear websize