Our Story

family photowebRecorded by request of a National TV Producer… can you guess who?

bINK’d® (created Fall of 2009),  was a solution to a problem for me…  I wanted to create the look of earrings without having the commitment, or the dangers associated with young children getting piercings.                                                               

As a Mother of 4, my husband and I wanted an alternative to getting our then nearly toddler daughter’s ears pierced. When I couldn’t find a solution that wasn’t a choking hazard, I created my own! Before bINK’d® we couldn’t find temporary tattoo earrings anywhere.

We started selling into high end boutiques in 2010, were featured on Good Morning America and carried by Nordstrom stores nationwide! bINK’d® is the go to for vegetable based, high grade, USA made, water applied temporary tattoos. We continue to create solutions for kids to have fun staying natural while looking stylish!

bINK’d® doesn’t disappoint! We have kid friendly innovations that no one else delivers: perforation, mirrored image backing and fun clever packaging is what makes bINK’d® the trusted name. bINK’d® goes on quickly and easily with no scissors needed, transfers with water, generally 15-30 seconds and is removed naturally and easily with our microfiber cloth (or quickly with our wipes), BUT stays on for up to 1 week. (I often have to take off my daughter’s bINK’d® after a full week of wear!)

Girls now share the fun with the BOYS! Our son is wearing our images on his knuckles on our home page. With a line of knuckle tattoos, including words that say PLAY HARD, bINK’d® is committed to allowing our kids the opportunity to stay natural while expressing themselves, that includes creating images and ideas for the little man who stole your heart!

Plus, our teen has inspired us to create a fun new nail line … and our dedication to bringing you the best has brought us to partnering with other USA made, family created businesses. Our family inspired business, bINK’d® continues to use our kids and yours as inspiration. bINK’d® in 2014, brings you brands that are the best at what they do. Watch for our combined offerings with: 3 Girls Holistic®, Zach’s Wax®, FoodDoodler ® and more. We keep the kids having fun while being natural!

Need bINK’d® in your favorite retailer? You are our best advocates. Send us a message with your preferred stores and we will send you a thank you gift! (be sure to let us know where we can send it.) We have a boutique line, a mass retail line and create custom private label lines.

Get bINK’d® and b*fun, b*natural, and b*you! Not forever. Just for now. ®

Thank you for your continued support. All the kids shown on our page and in images are family and close friends.


Cara Rybarik Chief Mommy

P.S. Yes, the video was edited and pieces taken out…. you may get to see it all really soon!