bINK’d® Prep and Removal Kit


bINK’d® Prep Removal Kit contains one microfiber cloth and 2 prep and removal wipes. (Various colors) Our cloth makes for all natural removal with water and gentle pressure- no worries, it doesn’t call for scrubbing!

bINK’d® removal as easy as 1,2,3….. choose wipe or microfiber with water, rub bINK’d®, thoroughly dry the surface before you choose new bINK’d® to apply.



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Cara of bINK'd

About bINK'd

As a Mother of 4, my husband and I wanted an alternative to getting our then 15 month old daughter’s ears pierced.

When I couldn’t find a solution that wasn’t a choking hazard, I created my own! bINK’d® (created Fall of 2009) you see was a solution to a problem for me. I wanted to create the look of earrings without having the commitment, or the dangers associated with young children getting piercings.

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