bINK’d® & 3Girls Holistic® Organic Perfume Purple Purse All-in-One Kit

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For the little fancy ones who love to dress up like mom, our playful and fun line of pierce-free ear fun, nail art & roll-on perfumes let them forget about growing up….

bINK’d® & 3 Girls Holisitc® present a fun all in one that makes a great gift & keeps our lil’ ones little for longer.

This purse set includes: 

  • 3 bINK’d® Jars: Tie Dye Flower/Blue Star; Palm Tree/Surf; Poppy Flower Drop/Mod Square (Made in USA with FDA approved- vegetable based inks! Just Add Water!)
  • 1 full oz. Spill-proof and mess-free roll-on application. 100% Natural Toxin and Alcohol free.
  • Cute Purple Purse, mirror, prep-remover kit & water pen applicator.

bINK’d® All-in-One includes 3 jars(designs shown in main picture) of 72 total images to use as earring replacements that stay on unlike those pesky stickers. With perforated strips and mirrored imaged backings bINK’d® is the perfect solution. With so many designs you can add as matching nail art or pair up with your favorite doll or even add to croc like shoes. A handy water pen applicator makes this a mess-free activity. Of course the little princess needs to see her success so a handy mirror* is included. *color of mirror varies Did she change her mind, and want a different design? A microfiber cloth* is added for natural removal or our wipes will take them off in a swipe. *cloth color varies

3 Girls Holistic® Beach Time Dreams – Warm scents of coconut and vanilla make for a delightful treat! Some think of sandy beaches, while for other little ones, they are reminded of the good ol’ smell of cookies! Either way, this too-cute perfume makes a yummy smelling scent! Ingredients Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Vanilla Absolute Essential Oil. 100% Organic Ingredients. 3 Girls Holistic® has had all natural lines for years, and now has created her organic perfume line in 2013 for her fancy little ladies. 100% Organic. Made with essential oils they are sure to delight the senses! Be sure to check out her other lines as they are 100% natural.


bINK’d® can be used on nails, dolls, faces, shoes, and more! Average wear is 4-7 days on ears and longer on nails with a clear top coat. Made in the USA with FDA compliant vegetable based inks.

Only bINK’d® is as easy as 1,2,3….. tear along perforation (no scissors needed)/remove clear overlay, place on surface using mirrored back image, thoroughly moisten back.


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As a Mother of 4, my husband and I wanted an alternative to getting our then 15 month old daughter’s ears pierced.

When I couldn’t find a solution that wasn’t a choking hazard, I created my own! bINK’d® (created Fall of 2009) you see was a solution to a problem for me. I wanted to create the look of earrings without having the commitment, or the dangers associated with young children getting piercings.

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