“I was skeptical about chiropractic care until we tried it and experienced such success. My daughter, Kylie, had numerous ear infections. At the age of 1 ½ years, the doctors decided that tubes were a necessity so we went ahead with it. She continued to experience ear infections even with the tubes in place. This is when we decided to give Dr. DeFere a try. From then on, Kylie was totally cured of her ear infections. She has never experienced another one while under Dr. DeFere’s care. Kylie’s overall health also improved. In the 2 ½ years that she has been receiving adjustments, I can count on one hand the number of times that she has become ill. She has turned into a healthy and happy 4 year old and always looks forward to Dr. DeFere and her adjustments. Not only has Kylie experienced success with chiropractic care, so have I—her mom. I had experienced years of lower back pain especially at certain times of the month. I continue to get adjustments monthly and I too have been cured!”

Shelly H.


“After falling and twisting my pelvis to a point where I could not walk, I found a neighborhood ad for Dr. DeFere. I decided to use her services. I walked into her office holding on to my husband with one arm and a cane with the other. Upon receiving three of her treatments, I could walk on my own”.



"Last Fall I developed a stiff neck with the change to the colder weather. A friend directed my path to Dr. DeFere. Working on pressure points in my neck and shoulders, she was able to take care of that problem. But the aching in my knees did not go away. Because I am a nurse and do a lot of walking, I was afraid I would have to have knee replacements.The pain got so bad that I had to have support whenever I walked so I had to lean on my med cart at work or the furniture at home. I was really becoming incapacitated. So one day when I was at Dr. Michelle’s office after she had adjusted my neck and back, I asked her if she could do anything for the arthritis in my knees. After evaluating the knees, she told me that I did have arthritis but also that my knees were out of alignment and she could fix that. So she proceeded to adjust my knees and help strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the area to help hold the knees in place. Now, I am happy to say that the knees are 100% better, my walking at work is better and I am no longer considering surgery for my knees at this time. Thanks again, Dr. Michelle!"

Nancy A.
Menomonee Falls



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